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Free Warranty


All new products sold by Bedkings, except display models and clearance items, will come with Free Manufacturer Warranty. This warranty type and period varies from a 30 Day Limited Warranty for brand new furniture to a 5 to 15 year warranty for a brand new mattress. In either case Bedkings will facilitate or execute a swap between the customer and the manufacturer or distributor. To clarify, manufacturer warranties essentially ensures that the customer is receiving brand new furniture in brand new condition. If there is a problem with you furniture or mattress please contact Bedkings right away so we may inform the manufacturer or distributor of your product problem within the alloted time period. Please note that Manufacturer Warranties do not cover in any way shape or form damages or imperfections caused by the customer.


For customers interested in protecting their furniture investments Bedkings offers a 5 Year Extended Warranty through Montage Furniture Services. The Extended Warranty covers virtually all human error including, but not limited to: spilled drinks, pen, marker, or nail polish stains, accidental rips, punctures, or burns, a broken frame, and much much more. Please keep in mind that bleaching due to prolonged exposure to the sun is one of the exceptions to the warranty. A customer is eligible for a Free 5 Year Extended Warranty when they purchase at least $3,000 worth of new merchandise before sales tax. Simply request this be included with your order free of charge at the time of purchase. For all other orders see pricing below. Our staff can add the plan to your order upon request.

Under $500 = $199.99
Under $1000 = $249.99
Under $1500 = $299.99
Under $2000 = $349.99
Under $2500 = $399.99
Under $3000 = $349.99